I’m not sure what exactly my expectations were. I expected a big crowd of family and support, which might make our second service, seem small, but it’s always good to have family and friends there to support you along the way. I expected God to show up. He has always been faithful about the things He’s asked me to do, I knew I could count on Him to do His part. I knew we wouldn’t have everything we needed. We’re a church plant and while we’re not broke, we’re not exactly overflowing with funds. I expected a sunny day. I was met with a huge storm the night before and I felt it might affect the attendance the next day. I expected to be nervous and anxious, as I sometimes get when planning a big event.


I never really got nervous or anxious about the service; rather, there has been such a calm and peaceful spirit as of lately. My spirit and even my countenance has changed so much in the past few weeks, that even as I arrived on day one, I felt ready. The rain held off for the day, but it obviously scared some people away. Who could blame them? There’s been quite a bit of rain as of lately, much needed, but a lot. Still, the number of people we had was great for day one. The service went well. There was a lot to do as we had worship, preached, had children’s church, and honored the graduates. It was a great opening day and I was pleased to be a part of it.


This whole experience has been both painful and joyful, a true-life paradox moment for me. There’s been many things that the Lord is helping me rediscover; things that I say with my mouth, but really haven’t experienced it until now. Here are a few examples of what God is doing at Mosaic;

The Church isn’t about a building.

That’s easy to say when you’re in a building, but what about when you don’t have a building, at least nothing permanent. We are so fortunate to be able to meet at Tea Thyme right now. It’s a HUGE blessing! However, one day we’ll have to move. This forces us to be about relationships over a “place to meet”. This was the intention of the early church from day one. There is nothing wrong in owning a building, and maybe one day we will, but God is definitely making sure we make people the priority. At Mosaic it’s not about WHERE we meet…it’s about ministry to the Lord first, and each other second. At Mosaic the ministry exist for the people…not the pastor…and not the organization.

The Church isn’t about material stuff.

I know we know this…but truthfully I’ve rarely been in a church that didn’t have the tools they needed. For our launch day, we didn’t have media or audio equipment. As I prayed about these things that we needed, and we do desire them, God was quick to respond that all we needed was Him. So we launched without any sound equipment and any media equipment. We don’t have a website. We don’t have a lot of things. Still, we launched in obedience. You know, it was nice and it felt as if we were walking more on faith than we ever had before. There was something so raw and so absolutely confident in launching without those things. Again, there is nothing wrong with any of those things, and we will be buying those things in the immediate future, but it was nice to know that.

The Church isn’t about tradition.

This is easy for me to see and say right now. I don’t have a “church history” yet. What I have is the opportunity to create one. That weighs heavy on me. I am taking things slow on purpose because of this very reason. I want to make sure we don’t get caught up in the over zealous Christianity that so many are experiencing today. At Mosaic we don’t exist for Sunday. We aren’t Sunday people. We are everyday followers of Christ. We meet on Sunday together not out of tradition but out of encouragement and to help us remember what we are fighting for…to be like Christ. We meet on Sunday to help other believers mature in their faith so that one day that will be able to not only feed themselves, but also feed others.

The Church isn’t about denominations.

I love denominations. I love celebrating the diversity of the church and I believe it has its place in the works of God. So please hear me correctly when I say that I have found myself in a new place…on the other side of this coin. Having no affiliation with a denomination has been somewhat liberating. It’s allowed me a freedom I hadn’t felt in a long time. It has opened doors for me that wouldn’t have ever been opened any other way. While I was able to build bridges while associated to a denomination, there are more doors open to me now because it’s as if I’m “neutral”. I love it. Mosaic will always be about building bridges across all churches that preach the Gospel. We will work hard to work together in building the Kingdom. There is only one church in heaven…and it’s fully of different and diverse people…much like a mosaic piece of art.

The Church is about second chances.

We say this, we know this, and the church continues to struggle with this. We all need second chances. Seasons change in our lives for all sorts of reason, some good, and some bad. Still…God remains faithful to His cause; to give grace, love, and forgiveness, to sinners. I grew up in a small town where everyone knows who you are and everything you’ve done. Good and bad, your life is on display in a small town. What God is revealing to us at Mosaic is that if you want a second chance (or maybe it’s your 40th chance), then maybe we’re the church for you. We can be a place of new beginnings to those who’ve given up trying to find a church where everyone doesn’t know your life history. There are no perfect people at Mosaic Community Church. We’re all ragamuffins…beggars really…at the door of God’s mercy.